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Newbie looking for advice

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Well, I'm relatively new to airsoft, but as a paintballer I always found myself gravitating to sniping. Currently, as I am on an EXTREMELY low budget, I only have a JG/AGM Type96, and that honestly makes me sad...
I am looking to get into some of the good green gas/propane rifles out there, and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations that would cost ~$250 (I notice most people on the forum use pounds, so there may be some confusion there...) including upgrades if possible (Scope not necessary). Anyway, enlighten me, if you could.
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The AGM l96 is limited in options and personally I recommend a whole new rifle altogether. Depending if you decide to go spring or gas, there will always be guys here to help you, and either choice will suit a person, willing to take care of his rifle (like you), well.
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