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I'm an old guy that joined a while ago, but never around to posting here (or anywhere else). I'm glad to be here and I look forward to learning from you all and hopefully add some useful input.
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Watch out y'all:

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Oh dang, a week or two ago some new account responded to my WTB Bear Creek Arsenal upper post and was acting pretty scuff.
Probably the same guy, lines up with what happened on the UK forum.

Moral of the story, ask for pictures with a piece of paper with some kind of drawing on it in the picture, or some sort of thing that can't be faked.

Black Font Astronomical object Darkness Event

Font Audio equipment Automotive lighting Darkness Astronomical object

Black Font Screenshot Pattern Darkness

Font Darkness Circle Screenshot Electric blue

Font Screenshot Darkness Science Astronomical object
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Why do all of the people trying to scam YOU have better grammar than the ones trying to scam ME--it's unfair! :LOL:
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I’m new

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I’m new

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Make a new thread and tell us something about you

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