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Afternoon gentlemen, my name is Dave, callsign Malice on the field, known as malice4you all over the intertubes... I'm 26, live in NJ, been seriously playing airsoft for about 16 months or so, though I got my first airsoft guns (springers) back in the mid 90's.

I happened across this site while looking for new stocks for my VSR10, but I stuck around and began reading, liked what I saw, and decided to sign up after lurking for a few days.

In terms of sniper rifles, I currently own a TM VSR10, Tanaka M700 AICS, UTG M324S, CA M14 configured for semi-only, and I dunno if I really should include a CA G3 SG1 (full-auto capable, but accurate and with decent range).

I also own a number of other AEGs, shotguns, and pistols. I like to be able to switch up my gear and gameplay....while I enjoy sniping, I also enjoy using an AEG or shotgun if the mood hits me....or game type calls for it.

I have always liked the idea of single-shot accuracy over the use of brute force, but I've played using AEGs for the majority of my airsoft playing days. However, even then, I've worked on my range estimation, stealth, and concealment, trying to make myself a better overall player as well as an asset to the team I am playing on. I've also been reading US military field training manuals and similar information to try to become a better player.

My first good gun was the UTG M324S, which I felt was a great gun at the time....and I still enjot it - it is accurate and makes for a great plinker. It's also effective as a close-in sniper rifle where 100ft engagement distances might be a bit too restrictive. Before I played my first game, I ordered a G3SG1, and I used that for most of the games. However, it lacked accuracy at the time, and I missed that. Got a used VSR10, and I've been mixing some sniping into my gameplay ever since. Lately, I've decided to more actively take on the role of sniper.

In the past week or so, I've been working on a general purpose ghillie suit, which is about 2/3 completed now. Their timetable to complete a ghillie suit, printed on the way...way off... Sadly, I already have the feeling I'll need to make a second for fall/winter....

Anyway....I think my novel of an introduction is more than long enough....thanks for reading, and I hope to be able to help the community however I can.

G3SG1, M700AICS, and VSR10:
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Very nice into, grammar, and post. +2 for a completely perfect introduction.

But yeah, if you want to talk ghillies, we have a specific area for that that'll probably suit any questions you might have. But yeah, we have some great guys and some even greater information, so cheers and welcome.

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