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I have a 3-12x50 scope with illuminated reticle (11 different brightness levels), so my face won't be illuminated when I turn it on 1 (least bright).
The illumination is nice at night when you can't see your reticle, it also works when you can't see your reticle when aiming at shadows during daylight.

I also have a 4x20 scope with nothing special, it's just 4x20

There is a major difference when I look through them, even in daylight.

The x50 scope is much brighter then the x20 scope,
this is because it catches more light reflected by what you are looking at, even at night, because of the bigger diameter of the lens.

If you look through the x20 scope, it's like someone put sunglasses in front of it, it's not as bright as a bigger diameter scope because it catches less reflected light. This makes it very hard to see at night, you try and see something at night with sunglasses on!

So if you play at night a lot, try and get a big diameter scope and if you want it illuminated, try and get one with multiple levels of brightness for the illumination.

I got my 3-12x50 scope from
It was only 50 euros including shipping costs, which is rather cheap I think for such a fine scope. But I'm not sure if they ship to the US.
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