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Try reading this.
You will have to have an account there but with all the info it is worth it.

My scope has an illuminated reticle but to me it is not practical. The reason being is when it is turned on the red light shines and illuminates your face. Which is very easy to spot on a black night. This might just happen with my scope (Zos 10-40x60). I know a guy who has a night vision scope and will ask about it and edit my post.


Here is his scope:

I love mine, however, the thing anyone buying NV must realize is that you have to get it properly focused for the range you're going to be using it at in order for it to be most effective. With that night's like cheating. I f'ing love it. Also, getting used to using your IR illuminator takes some practice. If it's far away you might want a higher power focused IR illuminator, however, when there is a lot of brush and foilage, an IR light will just green out your scope from reflections on the leaves/limbs/etc.
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