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Night Vision

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What are everyone's thoughts on Night vision for night games? Do ya'll prefer separate monoculars, goggles, NV sights, NV mounted in front of your day optic, or something else?

Is it worth it? About 85% of my games are are night games, and I'd like something that i can use both when I'm sniping and when I'm using the M4(if I decide to do it).

Also what is the best way to put a NV unit in front of the day sight on the Tanaka?
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Really depends on how you plan on using your NV unit.
A monocular is my preference for navigation, detection and engaging targets.
Stacked behind some sort of optic.

A scope it depends on magnification and if it's fixed power, or adjustable.
Most affordable units the last I researched them were fixed power.
If you're using to navigate around in the dark, magnification could throw off
your depth perception. Built in reticles in a scope is a plus though. Really
good idea if you plan on limited movement and want to engage targets with in
your range.

I know a couple "affordable" NV units, scopes that work well for what they are.
You are still looking over $500 for a descent set up.

Using NV units with eye wear can be an issue. You would need a nightvision devise with a large objective lens, so if the devise is an inch from your eye, you can still see through it. Some of the cheaper NV units have small objective lenses and when they are up against your eye, it's fine. An inch away from your eye and it's like watching football on a 1" screen.

My experience with NV in airsoft has been mixed. I have literally ambushed people, only to clearly see them return fire in all directions. Your experience using NOD's somewhat depends on the integrity of the people you are playing against.

Also I gave up shooting long-range shots at night in airsoft. Either poor hit calling, or it's very challenging to tell if you were on target at distant ranges.
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