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Nineball Hard Or Soft?

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I have heard of the nineball bucking referred to as both hard and soft. I currently have it but have never actually felt the difference between hard and soft buckings. Does anyone know for sure what kind the nineball is?
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I am currently switching from the r-hop to the ER-hop in all my rifles that use a hop system.
To extend the range of a rifle shooting at a low fps. It works at any fps and with most any bb, so I use the fps that gives me the most stable flight path, which happens to be a fairly low one.
@wolf: Yes, they work in tandem and are complimentary.

@juggler: Good plan, they really do work.
You will still need to use a new nub. It needs to be a soft nub too, I usually use superglue and use the foam that is on nerf darts.
I prefer using a screw that I can't adjust with my hands, but that is just me.
I use a cutout as long as the r-hop and roll the foam into a nubbin shape.
1 - 9 of 26 Posts
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