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Nineball Hard Or Soft?

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I have heard of the nineball bucking referred to as both hard and soft. I currently have it but have never actually felt the difference between hard and soft buckings. Does anyone know for sure what kind the nineball is?
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Is there any place explaining exactly what an r-hop and er-hop is and how to use it? I have heard many good things about them but have never actually learned how and why to use them.
Thanks cheese. It seems like it would be awfully hard to adjust for different weight bbs. Would I still need to do the TDC mod if I decide to with the r-hop route?
In one of your posts you said you shoot low fps and use .3g bbs. Why would you need er-hop?
I generally try to get more fps because if i am trying to shoot at something moving, or something that might move at any second, I like to have less of a margin of error and make my bb get there sooner. I'm also probably going to get r-hop or ir-hop now that I know what it is. Might just get the z-package for ir-hop.
I'm probably going to go to homedepot later to get the supplies for the tdc mod. First on my list after that is bioshot .3s, then ir-hop. Ir-hop because here in NJ we get very varying weather. I figure if I am going to use ir-hop I don't need to change the nub on the arm. I'm also going to use the stock bucking with the mound taken off to use with the ir-hop so I don't have to destroy my one and only nineball.
I've got tons of nerf darts from years ago I can cut up. How large do you make the new nubs?
You read my mind. I actually got a knob screw for it earlier today. I just need to drill and tap it and I'm golden.
The only other kind of screws besides knobs were phillips heads. They didn't have hex so I would rather knob over phillips on a vsr.

And cheese, how large do you make the foam nubs for r-hops?
Looks. good fdkrew. I actually just finished the tdc mod and shot it out my window at a target about 80 feet away. No right curve. I'm happy :yup:. But it is raining at the moment so I will have to play around with it tomorrow. Hence, shot out my window instead of going outside.

The screws for the tdc mod I got came in a pack of five, so I might just saw off the thumb thing, saw off a hex head from another screw, and solder it onto the tdc screw. I trust my solders more than I trust my gorilla glue.
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