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Nineball Hard Or Soft?

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I have heard of the nineball bucking referred to as both hard and soft. I currently have it but have never actually felt the difference between hard and soft buckings. Does anyone know for sure what kind the nineball is?
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I prefer using a screw that I can't adjust with my hands, but that is just me.
+1 to the above, I really hate the CA M24 adjusting screw!
Actually the only thing I really like on Tanaka's M700 is the adjusting screw!

The only other kind of screws besides knobs were phillips heads. They didn't have hex so I would rather knob over phillips on a vsr.

And cheese, how large do you make the foam nubs for r-hops?
I use a cutout as long as the r-hop and roll the foam into a nubbin shape.
You read my mind. I actually got a knob screw for it earlier today. I just need to drill and tap it and I'm golden.
What I also did to my TDC was add a nut on top of the hole and glued it in place with JB weld. Just make sure the glue does not touch the threads. I spot glued three dabs then once that dried I glued the rest with out the screw in it. This will give you TDC more strength because the barrel it self is thin and it will bend if hit while on field.

Here is how it looks after painted:
Looks. good fdkrew. I actually just finished the tdc mod and shot it out my window at a target about 80 feet away. No right curve. I'm happy :yup:. But it is raining at the moment so I will have to play around with it tomorrow. Hence, shot out my window instead of going outside.

The screws for the tdc mod I got came in a pack of five, so I might just saw off the thumb thing, saw off a hex head from another screw, and solder it onto the tdc screw. I trust my solders more than I trust my gorilla glue.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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