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New Kid On The Block.
I feel I might need to shed some light into, who I am.

1- NKOTB- was a Boy Band back in the late 80s
( as I'm sure most of you were still wearing Pull-ups round then

2- I AM 35- not 15
been Airsofting for 7+yrs now, locally here in Chicago and with that
have been listed as an A$$hole by many. Oh well...
I'm an Honest player, who takes Airsofting a bit too seriously, if I wanted to Joke'around I would have gotten into PBall.

3- I spent 6yrs active US Army as a Cav Scout ( 92-98 ) and have shot everything from the M16A1, M249, 203, MK-19, 50cal, Bradley Fighting Vehicle, M1A2 Abrams, etc...

4- I currently am a member of a Nuclear Security Response Team, for a Local Nuc. Plant. I was a member of my companies Special Operations group ( 04-06 ); Composite Adversary Force - Team.
We "portrayed" a Terrorist Cell attacking the Nuke Plant, during Force-on-Force Training Exercises. I usually was on the Advance (OCA) Team ( aka; Sniper Team ) and have been trained, to include CQB Tactics.

5- I attend, as best I can, Local, Regional and National Airsofting events, such as; the Lionclaws series, Op:Irene 2-5, Night Scorpion 2-3.

6- In Airsoft I have been everything, but for the past couple of yrs I have focused on more of the DM / Sniper role, guess it was due to the JOB.

7- I too CAN NOT stand the "kids" that have come out of the wood-work that "claim" to be; Ubber -1337 Snipers off of; RB-6, GR, they know everything, cause the computer tells them or they see it in a movie, blah-blah-blah, I dont play video games, I barley can handle PAC-MAN. Movies are for entertainment not learning skill-sets and they overkill the situation anyway. If you're not over 18, YES I feel YOU should NOT be invloved in Airsofting, but I can't enforce that, I can only shoot the Kid(s) that piss me off, remember....


ok Now...
I did not come here to correct or over throw any-1, nor disrespect those who believe they "know" and have been a member of these forums for years. For some reason I came across this forums ( finally ) and LIKE the idea of a Skill Specific forums for Airsofters like us. I am here to learn how others within our community enjoy their time, share pics of our UBBER-riffic 1337 GEAR
and make some buddies.

Again, I just wanted to shed some light into Who I am, so there are NO ASS-umptions. I recieved a very warm Welcome from MOSIN, in a PM and appreciated it, very professional. Put me in my place on what to expect from you guys and what would be expected of me on these Boards.

So if the ADMIN has an issue w/ this post, PLEASE advise me 1st then remove it, if you see fit.

and for S&G ( sheets & Giggles ), I had some1 send this to me the other day;
ahhh OLD SCHOOL days, I am standing next to Col. McKnight in the photo.
circa 2004 ( posted 2005 );

and some Airsoft videos;

others can be seen;

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Post looks good, I think I might make a thread called introductions for people who just join us to put that up. Good to hear that you've got some experience under your belt, and it's always nice to find someone else who takes the game serious enough to treat it like real life.

+1 Karma for you for starting out right, and thank you for appreciating my welcome, I've given it to too many people and everytime they just read it and delete, good to see your response.

I can't wait to see what knowledge you can bring to the table, but in short, welcome again :)


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Welcome aboard man, glad to have you. Hopefully you can your part in getting our forum well known.

How was Irene? Ive always wanted to go but just cant get the funds.

I love your SR, I had a Mod1 but sold it for my bolt action.

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that was a special KRYLON color series
called; MAKE IT SUEDE / 1241 Buckskin.

it has a textured feel to it too, very nice, i'like it alot

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still not tracking ?

"Posted by Father_Livonia on Feb 4, 2008, 9:17am
Welcome aboard man, glad to have you. Hopefully you can your part in getting our forum well known.

How was Irene? Ive always wanted to go but just cant get the funds.

I love your SR, I had a Mod1 but sold it for my bolt action."

in ref to my SR-25 ( MK-11 series ) or did you mean an SPR ( MK-12 series ).
That's why I mentioned the questioning attitude there ?
There is NO SR-25 Mod-1, currently

I too have had an SPR MK-12 Mod-1 (B= shorty stock);

thats was my 1st SPR ( circa early 2004 ) used her @ IRENE-2.

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Just wanted to throw my own welcome out there, thanks for registering and if you need anything feel free to PM any of us mods.

I really like that SPR, Tango. Full length top rails always come out looking professional. I think a Magpul Precision Rifle Stock would look awesome on it. (In fact, I may have just thought of a project gun..)
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