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Non Sniper loadouts. Ranger, Seal, Marine etc.

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I was just wondering what you wear when you are not sniping. IF you wish you can give a gear list as well.

HEre's mine:

I have changed my tHing alot since I took those pictures (It was for a competition)

I pimped my vest with sharpies, trauma scissors, chemlights, shotgun shells, a radio and headset, electrical tape, bungee and paracord and some zip-ties.

Mods feel free to move to lounge if you feel it doesn't belong here.
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Well as I technicaly gave up 'sniping' about 3 years ago to run as a pure DM for my team I guess my load out fits in here :-/

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inthetallgrass said:
Also I see you like the tigerstripe camo, it is an excellent cam IMO and nearly everyone at my site uses it.
Yup, its been our team camo for the past 7 years or so varying from Blacks for urban and when the site has special side/colour rules in effect ( we always play the bad guys so it seems to fit ;) ) and greens for woodland.

Before tigers we used to use swedeish splinter for a couple of years and right as I joined about 10 years ago its was all olives (similar to 'nam' stuff but more modern)

The one thing that has remained consistant throughout the years though is load carrying gear, always black, no exceptions
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