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Non Sniper loadouts. Ranger, Seal, Marine etc.

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I was just wondering what you wear when you are not sniping. IF you wish you can give a gear list as well.

HEre's mine:

I have changed my tHing alot since I took those pictures (It was for a competition)

I pimped my vest with sharpies, trauma scissors, chemlights, shotgun shells, a radio and headset, electrical tape, bungee and paracord and some zip-ties.

Mods feel free to move to lounge if you feel it doesn't belong here.
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any love for your buddies to the east?


Old school

Sadly I am not in the shot, but I am one of the guys that gets out of the BMP and I am behind the bush with my rpk-74


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Good eye Mgunner it is a m93r. KSC japan version.

Don't forget to watch the vid of me and my team disembarking the BMP-1. That wasn't airsoft, it was a reenacting type thing at a big tank museum down in Virginia.
tallgrass> my team portrays a modern russian paratrooper as well as russo afghan war era paratrooper kit> if only i went sky diving in my uniform

This was taken before I switched to my svd. I had to put the RPK to the test after rebuilding the gearbox, and I am proud to say, 5k rounds in 2 1/2 hours and not a single hiccup!!

For whatever reason one out of every 2 pictures I attempt to post here don't work, so you'll have to follow the link to see it.
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