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Nothing too crazy with my loadout..

upgraded Ares M4A1 full metal shooting 450fps
condor drop leg with KWA MK4 1911
diamond tactical drop leg (other side) with extra mags
london bridge mag pouch
army issue camelback with 4 extra mags in a molle pouch on the back

I actually have everything for this including the rifle up on eBay right now


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Almost complete new kit :)

Im gonna take some better pictures as soon as the snow has dissapeared.

TMC CP Gen 2 Tactical Uniform :)
Eagle Industries M4 chestrig.
I have a Vintage Boonie hat, that im gonna use with this set up :)
I also have a Puxing px888 with Bowmanstyle headset & Mechanix gloves.
I also usually have my TM hi-Capa 4.3 in a Blackhawk CQC holster on my belt :)

(also please disregard the Duckttape in the pistol grip, it was just hanging there for no reason.)

121 - 127 of 127 Posts
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