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Hello to all the amazing and experienced snipers! I am just a noob who's trying to get into airsoft. I don't know much about airsoft other than what I read on forums. I really kind of feel bad when I join the forum because I truly realize how little I know about everything. ::) Anyways, I look forward to knowing you all and learn more from you!

Name: Jason Tseng

Callsign: I don't really have one.... Just going with "Sifr" on the forums.

Experience: None, but I played some paintball. Ending up, I still like airsoft better!

You're arsenal: Getting my arsenal together right now. I have lots of questions for you all, and any of your advice counts.

Your camo: I made a ghille suit for paintball, but I am going to make a new one just because I want to!

What are your other hobbies?: Everything from sports to games to reading.

Where do you live?: Indiana

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Mosin, I've read plenty of your posts. I have yet to fine more experienced and skilled snipers anywhere else--seems like they are all here.
Anyways, thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to learning more from you.

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Thanks, that means a lot really. But I'm one of the rookie snipers here, I just happen to be the other Administrator's spotter/sidearm, so I picked up the trade quick. I've only been in it for a year, but at least I know more than the average person I suppose.

Anyways, good to have you on the boards, I hope that some of our knowledge can help you out in any way possible, cheers and good posting.


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Hey m8, IT'S ME! =D

No worryes!
I do that all the time. xD Ask stupid sounding questions I mean. But the point is that the questions sound stupid propably only in your own head. Just think a rational way to ask it and there ya go! =) Even though I'm starting to wonder if my latest posts on diffrerent few topics have been to weird or hard since no one is replying into them... :(

Anyways! Always great to have new folks register and grow our finest quality population. ^^
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