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Totally over looked this sub forum when I was lookin around initially, my bad ??? so heres my intro...

Name: Shaun

Callsign: bobgengeskahn is just my standard forum handle, never really use one in actual game play...

Experience: I've been playing airsoft for about 4 years between southern California and NorCal, did some time with the Army Reserve, training at Knoxx and Lewis, nothing special though

Gear: TM G36c AEG with a red dot, KWA M9 PTP gas pistol, KWA USPc, USR-11 that I've been using as a project gun, Echo1 ASR and some other home brew stuff I've got in the works that is far from complete.

Camo: I have a ghillie that I made, its a crawl suit made for grass land, other than that I've got some ACUs and BDUs

Hobbies: Workin, Airsoft, crusin the internet, PT, chillin with the guys at 7-11
and random other stuff whenever I have time...

Residence: Nor Cal at the moment, SF peninsula
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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