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North Carolina Snipers?

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Well, my next duty station here in my great trip is more than likely going to be North Carolina (I pick my orders Monday). So I was just wondering if there was any airsofters/snipers down in North Carolina, and even one better, if anyone is stationed at Camp Lejeune, what the policy is on airsoft guns being stored? Or if there is a place close to Lejeune that I can buy a storage unit or something to put my trash in? That way when weekend liberty rolls around after FMTB I can hit the bush with some friends.

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BMXScott1 here on the board is in an Artillery unit out there.
Talk to your higher ups and ask about any regs and what not there may be on the base. I know that most bases will let people keep some weapons with them in base housing.

Get a hold of the people there in the camp and ask them. And if you can't take them with I will be more than happy to store them for you:D I will even pay for the shipping
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If you have your own vehicle, keep them in the trunk or inside the vehicle. Weapons and airguns are generally banned from being in the barracks. I always thought it was funny that I could have my own gun in my room in the barracks but I can get a SASR from the armory whenever I want just by scribbling my signature...get used to it.

Depending on how lenient your quarters are you could easily get away with it. If you're going to be hospital staff and live with them, you should be fine. Out of sight out of mind. If you end up green side however, you could get screwed pretty easily. They love to root through your wall locker at any time just so they have extra paperwork to do when they catch you with something.
Yeah, well I will be going green side. So I guess I'll just leave the rifles at home while attending FMSS, and upon completion of that and deployment to my unit at the new corpsman in the bunch, once I get to find out the swing of things I'll more than likely have them shipped out, or I'll just end up waiting until I've got a little rank under me and throw it in my car, or whatever.

Phridum, if I'm not mistaken, weren't you out of Pendleton? If so... How did they look at airsoft guns? Or were you not into that while you were in?
I wasn't into airsoft at the time. I was at Pendleton, but wasn't in a typical unit. We had air rifles in our rooms that we used to shoot the rabbits that ran all over our company area. The higher ups didn't ask questions because they liked coming around and having a bit of rabbit with us!

There were other people that used to run around the area playing airsoft, but I didn't know them. At any rate, it'd be better to box them up and address them when you are at home. When you get settled and it looks plausible, just ask someone to mail them to you.
Well... I guess I'd like to inform you all that I didn't pick the orders to go to 2nd Mar Div, but in fact chose to go 1st Mar Div on a sea duty. So I guess if there are any Marines in Cali, hit me up. I'll be there most likely within two weeks or so. Just waiting on my plane ticket, as I graduated Naval Hospital Corps School last Friday, and as of now... Am officially a US Navy Corpsman.
You figure out which unit you're attaching to? Are you actually green side yet?
Heh, yeah.. I'm sure I'm going to be green side. What happened was all the way up to the actual date of picking orders I was thinking Camp Lejeune, because a few friends of mine (Prior service HM1's and HM2's) went through that route and loved 2nd MAR Div. But when orders actually showed up as billets I decided that hell... You can't beat two years in California. So I chose it. Orders haven't showed up yet on Bupers, just verbals right now, but I'm on hold company here at Naval Hospital Corps School until they get my orders online and then I get my plane ticket. As far as what unit I'll be attached to, I don't know that information just yet, but I know that it's a sea duty billet, so I'm choosing a unit that will be deployed for the next two years, not exactly sure where though... Because if I remember correctly 2nd Mar Div is taking over this summer in the sandbox.
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