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Norwegian scout sniper, reporting in

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"What the... HIT!"

Name: Ole ("Oli")

Callsign: Sitfog / Echo Sierra

Social status: Married to my studies atm, at the Police Academy.

Experience: Norwegian army - Combat Service Support, played airsoft for 1 year, scout sniper for 1/2 year, basic field tracker and stalker from before airsoft.

My arsenal: Steyr S69 P2, WE Model 19, ASG Steyr Aug A3 sniper converted.
Currently looking for (and saving for) a new proline sniper rifle, as my sportline starting S69 P2 no longer covers my needs - despite upgrading it.

My camo: Woodland ghillie suit, store bought but sown with brown hoops to easily add natural vegetation. Facial paint, and a net around the rifle for grass and leaves. Working on my own ghillie poncho at the moment.

Other Hobbies: Working out(!), offpiste skiing, tinkering with traps and gadgets for the field, reading, hanging with friends, playing the guitar, bass, drums, *COUGH*trumpet*COUGH*, vocal etc. I used to be a scuba diving instructor with over 200 certified students on my record, but I blew both my lungs during a skin diving incident, so I had to find a new hobby - thus airsoft sprung to mind.

This sniper resides: Norway. Moved around alot the past 3 years, been all over the country, literally. It really isn't that big.

Got this forum recommended by a fellow sniper during the big game (GHost Zone) last weekend, so.. Here I am. Looking forward to learning from you guys, and hopefully bringing some "out of the box" thinking to the table.
Sitfog out.
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