I am selling my mancraft VSR-U due to going back to college. It will be for sale until August 13, 2022 due to move in dates after that it will go back into my collection

Build list-
Vsr-U receiver
Action Army red Hopup chamber
JG BAR 10 G-spec
Scope 6-24 x50
Tridos TDC Pro
Nov Suppressor
Action Army 6.01 turned down to 350 mm
Ssg10 hopup ejection block
Ssg10 magazine
Mancraft SDIK
PRPE custom tank
Tank reg
ML MR hop 2021 85°
Polarstar Micro reg gen 2
SCW S- trigger v9.2
Masamune cylinder

Parts began purchase in January 2022 and has been used ~ one weekend a month Since March.

As I go to school I will have less time to play on weekends, but I will have access to a machine shop so I plan on making myself parts in the future.

Please feel free to ask questions or make an offer.