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Many, I don't think grasp or have not been exposed to the subtle art and organization of contemporary warfare. They are not getting any intrinsic value from planning, preparing, and executing with others. The common indications of this that I have observed:

When asked about about a course of action; "Lets just go and shoot em."
'I am cold/wet/tired, I have to go."
"Pistols Only!"
"My gun is not shooting right, I have to go."
Running out at a dead sprint from the release(start) point.
"I am low/out of ammo, I have to go."
Often over 15 RPS and moderate to well above the established FPS limits.
"There is no trail here, I have to go."
Not communicating at all or yelling as loud as possble.
"It is muddy here, I have to go."
Taking an eternity to get prepare and load magazines between games.
"It is too dark, I have to go - no wait I'll turn on my 200 lumen flashlight so I can see.
Has a box-mag.

As such, I think many of the uninitiated seek soloce in a arms race of weapons, uniforms, and equipment as their primary source of enjoyment. Nothing wrong with it, I just think they are depriving themselves off some of the best bits. And yes I agree, this whole thread is wildly inappropriate, snobish and without any social value, sorry-I have to go.
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