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Not new to sniping or forums, but new to here

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Hello all, I've been sniping for almost 3 years now, and have been a regular on Airsoft Retreat for those 3 years as well (I see some familiar faces on here). Unfortunately, our sniper's section has somewhat stagnated, so I've come in search of somewhere else to share my wealth of knowledge, and hopefully gain some as well.

Current load out inside:
-UTG L96
-PDI Hop up Chamber with a PCS nub (attached with some modeling clay, super simple and effective)
-PDI 500 mm 6.01 with a Systema bucking and paper barrel spacers
-Polarstar Piston
-Laylax Spring guide
-Stock spring, cylinder, and cylinder head.

Outside, I custom painted the stock, and have a Laylax flat scope rail with a Centerpoint 4-16x40mm.

My gun is out of commission right now cause the plastic trigger box snapped, but I'll hopefully soon be the owner of a Laylax Zero Trigger. It used to be sub-450 fps and reached ranges around 250+ ft. Thinking about tossing in a PDI 240 I have laying around, if I get my hands on a 13 mm piston.
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Welcome to the holy grail of sniping.

Now let's see if you can choose the right one... ;)
Welcome to the forum. Glad to have someone else experienced join us. What kind of camo are you using?
Thanks for the welcomes. I usually just run my BDU and some rifle wrap, but I've been starting to take on sewing. I'm currently working on making a laptop bag for college, but you can bet that when I'm done, I'll be working on making my BDU into a ghillie suit.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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