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Not to toot my own horn but...

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The mag just fed all but one bb from the magazine. I think the problem is that the angle is too steep and puts to much pressure on the bb for it to leave. I popped the spring out slightly and used a few drops of super glue to hold the follower in place as the follower is slightly to small and doesn't stay in the magazine to my liking. This way it can't leave unless it breaks the glue.

I couldn't ask for more as the magazines don't work when they don't have a follower in them.
Oh I also made my own cheek riser. It's nice bright tan right now, but that'll change once I get to play again..
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A cookie goes to whoever can tell me what house hold object I used as the stock to make that follower.
Harder material then that.
Oh how delightful, I just so happen to love cookies. Hmm, is it a haved chunk from a Rubbermaid container?
I don't think the thickness is there to be from a rubermaid container. both of your are closer it is a polycarbonate like material.
Hmm, is it something you would find in a kitchen? If you can't tell I like guessing games >:D
What material is it made of? It looks like a tumbled piece of glass or plastic.
Where did you learn how to make the wrap for the cheek riser? I like how it looks and want to do it on my L96.

It's polycarbonate so it is a plastic. It didn't come from a kitchen.
Which pretty much leaves the bathroom. Two more guesses because I gave you its actual location in a house.

I used to box so it's a hand wrap I would put on before putting on a boxing glove. I just thought about it and made it up myself. The riser piece is made out of two half moon pieces of pipe insulation (that brought my eye up high enough to the scope). Then I used a little ace bandage tape to help hold the riser in place. Then finally wrapped it with the hand wrap to make it look better.
My money's on a toothbrush... Cmon cookie time!!
Haha, I enjoyed the cookie picture. So a chunk from a toothbrush huh, how's it holding up?
It's working as of right now. It jammed once but I since lubed the side walls slightly with silicone oil.

If I had the dimensions closer it would work perfectly.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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