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Not your average barrel question

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Through a series of unfortunate events, my hop-up arm has broken, my bucking has holes, and the plastic "barrel centering" piece on my barrel has broken. I know how to fix the first two, but I was curiouse if the plastic piece that a UTG MK96 uses to center the barrel in the hop up comes with any after-market tight bore barrels. And if not, does anyone have a spare they would be willing to send me? For the right price of course.
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If you give me a pic I can fab one up.

If I remember you can DIY something.
Well I would love for you to make me the piece, but when it broke, it completely desintegrated. And until I can think of a way to diy one, I think I'll search the interwebs for a boneyard gun, or if I'm lucky, yhr barrel unit itself.
What did it look like? Was it just a ring?

If you measure the OD of the barrel and the ID of the hop unit, I might be able to fab you a small ring anyway that will lock down the barrel.
I had a problem where the barrel was loose in my hopup chamber and I just couldn't get it centered. I took some electric tape and shimmed the barrel to stay in the center, while it held it in one place so the barrel was locked in the chamber like a rubber clamp.
It was a ring that fit around the outside of the inner barrel. It had a small peg on the in side of the ring at 12 o'clock that fit into a slot on the inner barrel. There are 2 pegs on the outside of the ring at 3 and 9 o'clock that were similar in size that fit into slots inside the hop up.

Barrel o.d. : .336"
Barrel slot width: .047"
Barrel slot depth: .016"
Hop up wall slot width: ~.079"
All measured with a TEKTON Dial micrometer
So what is the ID of the hop unit? I can model and 3d print a ring for you, but I need the ID of the hop unit.
Whoops, I was just getting to that, its .399" The depth of the slots inside the hop up are .042" deep. Sorry for the constant editing, I'm measuring things and fixing measurments as I go.
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