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Novritsch SSG10-A3

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Hello guys, i tried searching the forum but did not find similar problem.

So i have the SSG10 and upgraded it with Rapax 3 spring, TDC pro and X-range 70d bucking.

Yesterday on the chrono it showed 3.8, 3.9J, 400+fps

Friend has the same gun, same upgrades done the same day, and it shows 3.2,3.3, 3.4j MAX that is our field limit for snipers (measured in joules in our country).

What could be the problem that is outputing so much power?
Few more notes: it has perfect seal litteraly everywhere, and prior this testing i havent been using it for 2 months, litteraly was in the box. (possible spring tension?)

Thx for advices!
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Do you have a longer barrel? Is your hopup set for the bb you plan to use on the field?
Do you have a longer barrel? Is your hopup set for the bb you plan to use on the field?
I have standard stock Novritsch barrel with supressor and stock piston. Hopup is set for the bb im using on the field, chrono is properly setup for measuring my bbs that i use. Barrel and hopup chamber is clean, cylinder cleaned + lubed.. Other people with litteraly completely same setup have normal power output 3.2, 3.3J

All is stock on the gun except TDC pro, xrange bucking + rapax 3 spring

My guess is the spring is just too hot. need to cut some coils.
Yea I mean if all checks out you’re in good shape I would just throw a weaker spring in it. Your hop combo could be giving you higher output possibly but that’s a decent jump. It’s good to have multiple springs on hand anyway if you play at a lot of fields. Grab a 2j spring possibly. Maybe yours is a hulk spring and they sent by accident!!
I would get a novritsch air brake kit and put in the shortest or second shortest one. try them both. It will decrease your fps and make your rifle slightly quieter, I've found the shortest airbrake takes away .4 joules and the medium takes away .6. I would go with the shortest one.
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Opposite for me. SSG10 with WASP piston and m180 spring. Long Barrel with stock hop/inner

This was obtained from a previous owner (A1) and I changed it to an A3 stock. As I was trying to go through testing with the various cylinders my initial data (heavy/med brake) yielded me 2.68J @ 366FPS.

.1 difference with the short, and about .4 with long. When I went back to confirm the original setup, I lost about .3J and 30 FPS.

Good seal
checked for any debris/markings/etc on ALL bolt pieces
Only thing I can think of is a drop too much of silicon oil????? Thoughts?

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