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Novritsch SSG10 mags

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I want to buy the SSG10 from novritsch but i dont want to spend 10 eur on the original mags. What mags can i fit? I found a snow wolf "VSR10 compatible" mag that is really cheap and i was wondering if it fits the SSG10
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I'd look at Archwick/ASG MK13 mags, Slong VSR-10 mags, or Action Army VSR-10 mags. They are higher capacity, clear, and cost about the same. The one Novritsch mag I have used came broken out of the packaging, while I've owned 2 AA mags and have 6 of the afore mentioned mags in the mail.

$10 for a mag is nothing, but I see no reason to buy Novritsch mags seeing as they hold less than an equivalently priced mag of likely higher quality. Some people will spend $30 on an EPM1 mag, $90 on a Murder mag, or somewhere between that on GBBR mags and will build a whole loadout, while $10 is about as cheap as you can get about any airsoft mag.
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