Original SSG10, I'm a tech for a close group of friends so have worked on this as a personal rifle
Fully upgraded now, only Nov Bits are, Stock, outer barrel, receiver & Trigger unit (even though its been modified to fit the Bolt unit in)

Rifle itself:
Wolverine bolt and cylinder, Original solenoid version not the M version.
Wolverine bolt balanced for quieter shots
New Cylinder
40mmBolt travel
2N Bolt pull force
AA hop unit
Mapleleaf autobot 60 degree
Mapleleaf Crazy jet Barrel (510mm)
Suppressor - can't remember the name of
Redline Regulator - With quick release air line
Gunsmithy TDC Hope adjustment unit

Comes with:
2x CYMA mags - modded to fit (stronger spring force for .48 BBs)
2x Small HPA bottles
1x Large HPA bottle
3x Additional barrels
1x Airsoft Philosopher Hop unit - NEVER USED
2x batteries for Bolt unit
1x Spring set for Bolt unit
1x Additional HPA line for Bolt unit

Firing within 2FPS at last use - 6 Months ago
known issues: HPA hose coming through bottom of stock can cause issues when prone & stock bottom needs to be zip tied due to battery access.
Cleaned and put away for winter season

Honestly getting out of airsoft and may have more guns to sell, dont have the time anymore with work keeping me busy.