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Odd aics/pcs question

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Guys I have an odd question, I am tired of the L96, but I can easily find a cheap tanaka aics, and I might have even found a tanaka PCS bolt. So can I take the bolt and put it in the l96 acis? And then just try to find a tanaka m24 stock? Will all that just fit right together? And what is a chamber block and are those hard to find?
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Yes, the AICS is just a dressed up M700, or an M700 with the Accuracy International stock (Accuracy International Chassis System) It still uses the M700 receiver, bolt, barrel, and trigger unit. The only problem is you will also need to source a magwell and the mounting screws, as the AICS has neither of those. The other piece that may not fit is the barrel, although I think the L96 had the smallest barrel of them all, so I think it would work. The chamber block is better known as Pt. 91 you want a metal one. G&G makes one, but I am unsure as to the quality. Creation made one a while back, but if you find one you're very lucky.
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