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Odd tightbore experience

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So I just put a tightbore barrel in my ARES M110, and I have a bit of a predicament. Well before I put a tightbore in it, it had a spread of a bit less than an 8.5"x11" at ~160 feet. It could also max out hitting a human size target at ~225. Now with a tightbore in it, its groupings at ~160 feet are probably 9.5"x 12", but its max range for a human size target is 350+ feet. Whats going on here? I should add that the tightbore comes out to about half way through the suppressor.
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A measured 350ft? out of an ARES? Beautiful gun though! Modeled after one of my favorite rifles.

I've made some distant shot and at first I said "Man, that was easily a 300ft shot!" Only to measure later and find out it was 270ft give or take a couple feet.
You know, photos look deceiving, so it's difficult to gauge a distance from a photo.
Not calling you out on anything, or saying your measurements are off.
It still looks like an impressive distance.

What FPS is your gun shooting in order to make a 350+ foot shot?

I still love M110's...
Ah! 550fps. ok...

Most Semi Auto AEGs/SASS in my area can only shoot 500 or less. Ranges "usually" are 200-270 feet then.

I got my M14 shooting 250-270 feet accurately with the fps approx 450, but that's a M14 for you.

I wish I knew ARES M110 was capable of shooting so well when they came out. I would of made it a priority to get one (seems like they are all sold out now). The M110 is pretty much my favorite and ARES did a real nice job with the Airsoft version.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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