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Oh! another new guy!!

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Hi,i'd like to say hello to you all from leafy England(UK).My name is Mark but you can call me...mark. I'm 43 years young,a builder,motorcycle rider,own a Supra,lover of women but my passion is sniping! My tool of choice is Maruzen's L96 running at 520fps (20's) shooting 43's
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Welcome to the forum. Mind posting pics of the rifle? Pics of the car and motorcycle appreciated as well!
foxturtle said:
YAY! No UTGs !
Quote of the week!

..But seriously, welcome to the board buddy. Glad to have another legit sniper shooting something other than 90% of airsoft's other snipers.. A UTG.

But yeah, post some pictures of your stuff buddy, we'd love to see what you're sportin'.

WOOHOO!!! A fellow Englishman! Welcome aboard Chap! ;)
Where you from? And where do you play?
...thanks for the welcome guys and especially to my fellow brit in arms.First off i can't post pics currently as my PC is sick(the pills did'nt work) so i come to you via a PDA! I play every other week at Tech Brigade in Hertford sprinkled with regular visits to Urban Assault ,Combat south,Zero's,any where there is a target rich environment,so our paths may have crossed(obviously not you guys in the states|overseas)Oh! please don't ask what upgrades i'm running as i've probably bought just about everything and i'm not sure what's currently innit.Look forward to your replies . Regards mark.
Magoo, your my new favorite person! what kind of bike do you have?
Hi Pearldrummer,i've had many bikes over the years and in my younger days i would regularly swop out for the latest must have steed.But of late i've had some of the earlier stuff and i'm currently riding a 1990 Africa twin(xrv 750) In the garage is a BMW and aCbr 1000(hurricane)but,like my aeg's,they never get used!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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