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Oh man.

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Well, heres a great story about karma.
I show up to airsoft this morning and say "If my gun breaks, i'm gonna be mad".
Well, about 3 hours in, the LiPo on my VFC 416 goes ahead and stops working. And now the thing won't charge. "WTF"
THEN, I switch batterys, and strip my GEARS, METAL MY WIRING, AND strip my piston. "WTFx2"
Finally, I bust 2 of my 3 sniper mags, rip my bucking, and start having more PDI Issues. all which were resolved today.
Then, my bestfriend breaks those 2 sniper mags. Good fight 24.50.
Whelp, hope everyones airsoft experiences have been going smoothly. I ended the day 30-6, I can't complain for having issues all day.
And, my friend let me use his SCAR DMR, oh man. I think I found a new project. "M14, The DMR Story"
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That doesn't sound half as bad as my luck.

In all seriousness, while our guns are expensive, they are just toys. Toys are prone to and will break at some point. Now for all that to happen in one day sucks, but that just makes tomorrow look that much better.
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fuzzywolly said:
That doesn't sound half as bad as my luck.

but that just makes tomorrow look that much better.
So he gets to fix everything?
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Fuzzy, that PDI is still making me mad. I think I have it right now though.:3
Just trying to be optimistic everybody. ;)

And more PDI issues?? Or did you get everything squared away?
Everything SHOULD be squared away. Not sure yet. Need a nice day to shoot.
Sounds like a fun game. Last game I played I lost a mag and a 40 mm grenade. Also dropped an open bag of bb's oh and fell on my knees when diving wrong. Landed both flat on a rock. I'm still limping and this game was on saturday. Sorry if I kinda stole the thread lol. :)
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