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Well, heres a great story about karma.
I show up to airsoft this morning and say "If my gun breaks, i'm gonna be mad".
Well, about 3 hours in, the LiPo on my VFC 416 goes ahead and stops working. And now the thing won't charge. "WTF"
THEN, I switch batterys, and strip my GEARS, METAL MY WIRING, AND strip my piston. "WTFx2"
Finally, I bust 2 of my 3 sniper mags, rip my bucking, and start having more PDI Issues. all which were resolved today.
Then, my bestfriend breaks those 2 sniper mags. Good fight 24.50.
Whelp, hope everyones airsoft experiences have been going smoothly. I ended the day 30-6, I can't complain for having issues all day.
And, my friend let me use his SCAR DMR, oh man. I think I found a new project. "M14, The DMR Story"
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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