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Yeah, I realize I should have done this first, but it really didn't occur to me until now, and it doesn't seem I'm much worse for the wear here.
ANYWAYS, I'm Derek, CS is Igooog (Long story, don't feel like explaining), and I'm from southern Illinois near Saint Louis, MO. Sniping has always been my favorite military role, and airsoft at least gives me some insight on the subject. I am currently only running a cloney-majigger (JG Type 96) but am hoping to upgrade soon and a slightly modified $10 mossberg (Actually works pretty well, reliable with .20's). I currently have a BDU set, with one of them little camo veils to cover my face (Who needs a ghillie?).

Aside from airsoft, I play bass guitar, trombone, and (for a while, anyways) violin. As a relatively new player, I am lacking some of the knowledge that most people on here seem to have, but I am more than willing to learn from the rest of you. Anyway, hope to see some of you on the field (If at all possible)!

I'm glad to have finally found a site that focuses entirely on the sniper role of airsoft, and provides insight as to how things can be done more efficiently, effectively, and entertainingly.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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