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Old airsofter – new to sniping

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Hi there! I used to be really active in the early days of airsoft in denmark. I was in a SWAT team about 12 years ago. I've recently taken up airsoft again – this time as a sniper. I love being sneaky, not being seen and one-shotting my friends :)

I'm playing in full Flecktarn gear with some nice sidearms. I bought a cheap as dirt ASG M70 to try out if bolt action sniping was for me, and now i'm looking to upgrade to something more reliable and accurate. I know that an L96 type would suit my Bundeswehr gear well, but i prefer the m24 / m40 / Remington type rifles.
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Welcome to the boards!

Graf, don't say "old" until you have to dye your goatee from white to green. Welcome to the forum.
thanks for the welcome all
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