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Old Player Looking for New Loadout

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Hello there,

I have a plethora of questions. I am an experienced airsoft player but I haven't played in a couple of years with the exception of last weekend. After playing last weekend I am once again interested.

So my first question is what type of sniper rifle do I want to use? Gas, Electric, or Spring? Obviously there isn't a correct answer and there are lots of qualifiers so let me give you some info.

The sniper rules at my field are:
  • Semi auto mode only.[/*:m:28ltesnk]
  • 10' minimum range[/*:m:28ltesnk]
  • 475 fps maximum[/*:m:28ltesnk]
  • No highcaps[/*:m:28ltesnk]
The regular rules at my field are:
  • max 420 fps[/*:m:28ltesnk]
  • 10' foot minimum range[/*:m:28ltesnk]
As you can tell there is very little that is beneficial about being a sniper. You get an extra 55 extra fps.

I live in Wisconsin, gas guns do not work well for in the winter.

The rate of fire is something to consider. Since my maximum range is only a little bit farther than a regular AEG. Rate of fire is important in case I miss the first shot.

The amount of noise a gun makes is important. During this last game I took a shot (with the L96) and missed the target, my goggles were fogging up, so I decided not to take a follow up shot, the guy thought it was a stray BB or a twig breaking and he walked away. That was awesome. Go ghillie suit.

The ease of which to carry the gun is important. Long guns are hard to set up quickly and they are more visible. In the last game I enjoyed flanking on my own and hiding behind the enemies main line. But to get into that position I have to move through a lot of brush.

Accuracy is very important. Since I only have one shot to make it count it is important that I have an accurate shot. Also more accuracy gives me more range which means that people will have a harder time seeing me.

The gun has to be upgradable to ~475. I think it needs the extra umph to get through all of the brush.

Reloading can be an issue in the field. With my gas rifle I need to bring plenty of extra mags, with the spring / electric rifle this isn't as important.

Last weekend I played with an gas sniper 'rifle' the Mk1 Carbine and I borrowed a spring L96 from a friend. Both worked well.

I already have the KJW MK1 carbine, Tanaka M700 rifle, G&G M14, and I can borrow the L96. The M14 isn't a sniper weapon yet, but I could set it up to be.

If you have a particular model in mind let me know.

My next question is I need a mask that has the least amount of fogging. Which mask do I go for? The field rules are that is need to be full seal and it cannot be wire mesh. I had pretty bad fogging problems last game. I would also like it to cover my face. After being shot in the face last game I think it is pretty important. hehe.

Where do I carry stuff (complicated with ghillie suit)?

Should I use a scope?
A sniper at the last game scoffed when I said I use my iron sights. To me it seems like extra work to have to look through a scope. It doesn't seem like the guns are accurate enough to warrant one.

Should I have a sidearm? If so what should it be? If I stick with the Mk1 Carbine I could get the KJW MK1 pistol and have interchangable mags.
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1. Make an intro post
2. Use the M14 and convert it. (easier)
3. If not, go with an electric if you can only go to 475 fps
4. carry it in pockets if you are wearing a ghillie suit
5. yes, a scope is a must
6. yes, a sidearm is very important.
7. pretty much all masks fog
Go spring since you live in a cold climate, if you have deep pockets get a gas gun and convert to HPA. Both spring and gas can be made very quiet which is what you want, electric from what i hear is hard to silence because of the gear box. Drop leg platform with MOLLE pouches. Another drop holster for you side arm. Very important since you dont have a range advantage. Use a scope, makes observing easier and countersniper missions easier. I dont know about full face masks sorry, but almost all masks fog.
For carrying mags and stuff. I find it easy to use pouches that attach to the belt. I used to put them on the back under my ghillie, but it was too cumbersome to get to quickly. So now I put most of the pouches in the front, for easy access. Its not too uncomfortable to lay down either, which is a plus.

I currently run with an m4 pouch (for type 96 mags), two radio style pouches, and two frag grenade pouches, and a double pistol pouch. All this on the belt (obviously some goes onto the back--water, food, etc.) Here is a picture of what it would look like. Notice not not all the pouches are attached. Just to give you a general idea here:

In the second picture, the bag is a dump pouch that is attached to the back of the belt. During game, it goes underneath the ghillie. Overall, having the pouches on the belt is nice, and keeps my stuff secure. I would also look into drop leg pouches as these are great when you are carrying more mags. They make for easy access as well.

Scopes are great. While not entirely necessary, for sniping, they are give a huge advantage. Not only will it help make aiming and taking shots easier, but it offers much more. The scope allows easy surveillance of areas. If using a scope with a zoom feature, it allows for scanning of areas. This can help identify targets, which can then be reported to the other squads.

As for the type of rifle. I would go with spring. I love bolt action rifles, and the spring powered feature is great. They are usable in all weather conditions, and if upgraded right, can keep shots consistent all day long ;) No need for gas, batteries, or any of that stuff. Just cock and shoot. I find that my bolt action can get pretty dirty as well. Still works, and I feel confident it will hold up under heavy use over an aeg or pistol.

I am running my rifle at around 450 fps, and its bolt action. Despite no real advantage in fps, I still am getting more significant range on the field. The hop up system can really be affective if used correctly.

Overall, I prefer spring powered. Not a big fan of gas rifles, but its your choice. Some guys on here like the gas guns, but I for one, do not. Only my gbbs are run off of gas (propane) and I intend to keep it that way.
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@fuzzywolly thanks for the pics. Ill look into attaching a pouch or two to my belt. Do you use a sidearm? If so where do you carry it?

If I do pick up a pistol I will probably get a drop leg for that and then extra pouches for everything else.

I am still undecided about what rifle I want to use. I am leaning either gas or spring. In the last game even if I take out the target the man next to him will spray 100 bbs in my direction and take me out. I think it is essential to be silent.
The pics are older, and do not have all the pouches that I typically use on there. I have used the holster for my sidearm on the belt before, worked well. I have also used a drop leg, but it was a crappy one and I did not like it much. If you were to get a solid drop leg holster, I bet it would be nicer than having it on the belt. Reason being the fact that the holster and pistol get stuck on the jacket and sometimes the jute of the ghillie. This makes getting your sidearm out ten times slower. I would look into a drop leg platform of some sorts. Also, get a pistol lanyard. I lost count of the times my pistol would fall out of the holster some twenty feet before I realized it. No one wants to lose one of their guns, especially if its expensive, so spend alittle bit of money to save alot ;) I would also get a magazine guard. Protect your mags and it will end up protecting your wallet.
bftrick said:
I am still undecided about what rifle I want to use. I am leaning either gas or spring. In the last game even if I take out the target the man next to him will spray 100 bbs in my direction and take me out. I think it is essential to be silent.
Which is why I,ve built a couple of fully silenced electric rifles, then when his mate does turn and spray in your direction the follow up shot is just a trigger pull away.

95% of the sites I play at, I'm limited to the exact same fps as the full auto queens, and a couple even have the same regs as yours but with a 100 round limit added, which is why I strive for maximum potential from my SASS, as it didn't take I long to discover the tactical dis-advantage in using a bolt action against similarly powered AEGs.

But that is also governed by my ever evolving play style, as I found myself playing more of a DM role, being nearer where the action is, than my previous role of BA sniper.

If you play at slow paced sites, where setting up undetected is not a problem then fps means little and stealth is everything, which means a good, heavily silenced BA rifle is for you, personnaly I'd go spring.

If you play at sites that are fast paced, like most sites are over here are, then speed of shot counts over any stealth you might have, which is where I'd use your G&G M14 as a base.

Personaly I'd say go best of both worlds and optimise and silence your M14, fit it with a guillie wrap, jobs a good'un no matter what situation you find yourself in, you can even make up the numbers in an assault team if necessary, given you all have the same MED ;)
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Since your stuck at 475 fps, the m14 will do fine, listen to Vindicareassassin, he knows what he's talking about, but so does Woogie,
I have a gas bolt gun, going to convert to hpa, but I am working on building a SASS as well. The reason is versatility, as Vindi said. You can use it as a snipers weapon, but still be able to operate as a DM, or hold your own if you are compromised.
On a long OP, ill carry both, but only take the bolt out when i need the extreme accuracy. I may be alone in this, but i do not like carrying just a bolt gun and a pistol, even with a spotter. Not because of security, but versatility. My field can go from cqb in a plywood city with a max range of 170' to open woods where a shot at 230' or greater is the norm. The bolt/pistol combo is good for just the woods or field, but once you go into the confined quarters of a MOUT environment, you really want that second shot, because not only will there be targets everywhere, they will be close, and 6 players with aeg's vs 1 aeg(spotter) and a gbb(you)=eliminated sniper team.
Play the same scenario with a semi-auto, and suddenly the game changes. Although you cant make a 300' shot, you can make multiple 230'-260' foot shots in the same timeframe, and be able to cover yourself in the event of being compromised.
I not saying you should forget a bolt gun, but ill use the SASS where its suited, and vise-versa
My 2 cents.
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I agree with Vindi on this one. As it really does depend on what your area of play looks like. If you play in a few areas I would say get one of each.
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