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Not sure what took me so long to get here, really...

Around 1000 posts on the forum i come from, and thoroughly acquainted with my Tanaka M40A1 (which is sort of just a shell holding aftermarket parts and mods).
I'm only vaguely up-to-date on the general airsoft world, but i try to stay up to date with sniper-related airsoft content. I'm less active now as i used to be, but airsoft is a passion that will never burn out in me :)
Just got new boots, a new bucking, a new scope, and am about to rig my baby with HPA to get ready for the summer!

Old picture of me in my half-complete ghillie made from scratch, laying in the open snow- go ahead and paint me like one of your french ghillies:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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