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Oldschool sniper

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Not all snipers went out in the field with ghillies

Still need quite a bit to finish off the complete load out, although its just little details for authenticity. Most snipers wore oak patterned camouflaged smocks, so I need to eventually pick one of those up. Tunic, helmet, scope, and mounts are all would be found on an early war soldier, so I'm going to try and keep to the early war theme.

Glad I finally moved to a place that actually has temperatures that will allow for all this wool to be worn. O_O
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I'm not going to lie, that picture makes me want to go watch band of brothers.
Damn man you look young....... You sure you are old enough to handle that thing ;)
Everyone keeps telling me I look 12 in that picture... Perhaps it is because my normally sunken in cheeks are puffed out from blowing smoke and it gives off a fat baby face look, I don't really know why else.

But then again, I don't know what age you guys have been expecting me to be, I am only 18.
Only 18?!?! Damn I figured you were around mid to late 30's!! Espically with the armory that you currently own.

Must have one heck of a nice job then
Wish I had that job..... :(
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