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Name: Cliff

Callsign: Oldskool...because I'm fifty three freakin years old!

Experience (How long have you been playing airsoft? any military experience? What training do you have?): My 14 year old son got me started playing airsoft about 1 1/2 years ago; I used to play a LOT of paintball. I am the co-operator of a 4 acre combo (CQB + longer range) field in Madison/Huntsville, AL. This year we plan to hit at least one majoe event per month and I'll be at Southern Comfort, lord (and my wife) willing.

I'm a 10 year veteran of the USCG - 4 years of SAR and marine law enforcement. I have worked DoD programs as a contractor for about 27 years.

Right now I'm running: Modded KWA SR7, KWA SR10 on it's way to being a DMR, KWA ATP sidearm (anyone see a trend here?); my long gun is a Javelin M-24 (comes w/a really nice all metal trigger box BTW), I've done trigger job, spring guide, spring, piston, piston head, and R-hop so far; soon to have some PDI goodies (hop up, cylinder, and barrel)

Camo on me is either old skool woodland or all black; camo on the long gun is skulls(black and grey break up)

Other hobbies?: Boating, skiing (both kinds), wakeboarding, computers and gaming

Where do you reside? The thriving metropolis of Harvest, AL
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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