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hey, this is the loadout i use when i play the sharpshooter role in a squad (minus my Classic Army M24 which is currently with a friend for painting, and guilly suit, but thats not exactly necessary if your with a squad)

this is a picture of the basic loadout. the picture was taken in a strange perspective so the guns seem to look really small

this is my custom KWA G18c, its got a threaded barrel, hurricane upgrade kit, high flow vlaves in the mags, classic army double screw silencer and a surefire M6 laser/light *but not pictured* and a custom G18C slide (had to sand a bunch of it down to fit the threaded barrel.)

and lastly, my main backup gun, my trusty classic army M15A2 (which is actually for sale if anybody is intrested)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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