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Sniper Team; SILENT-2 GOLF 1-01

unfortunately, we were not able to take any action shots, nor any video, simply due to
the nature of our mission (s).

Tho, yet again GOLF lost this battle, the WAR, itself is far from over
( next year will afford us the opportunity to utilize, that "MOUT" pictured behind us )
for those that care, the offical AAR can be found;

** A special thanx to the UAL TX guys for allowing us to be attached and provide support.
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Nice looking shot there! Maybe with some photoshop work, you could make the picture look like the real deal.

this is Airsoft ?
I find that comment beyond STUPID.
I was just going to say that. Not much about this picture doesn't look real to me..
PFT Desert Camo, if you to didnt look so sweet I would dog you for this, haha.

howabout WTF ?
If you knew what the OP was about / organizer then ya'd know the uniform requirements.
DCU vs Woodland.

Op: Night Scorpion is a Lionsclaw series event ( National ).
The Organizer, John Lu has his requirements, those that wish / want to attend follow the rules...
tango said:

this is Airsoft ?
I find that comment beyond STUPID.

I'm just saying that it'd be cool to mess with it a little bit, nothing wrong with adding a little spice to the photo.
if anything....

I thought of super-impossing the OPNS-3 logo-patch into the pic.
John Lu ( Mr. Lionclaws- himself )

took the following "staged" picture of us;
can you find the other Sniper ( ME )

then tell me that my ghillie wouldnt work and I need to add this and that...
( insert extreme sarcasim and sheeeet eat'n grin bee-otches )

and another 1- he took while we were surveying the area;
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Lookin good tango. Only problem is that boot or pack is showing. Either way, I doubt someone would spot you giving a quick glance to the "horizon" and trying to find an enemy. The only way I see YOU getting spotted is if someone stayed their and was scouting for a scout/sniper team.

Also, Thank you! Thank you for not wearing the 6 color desert -.-
Holy shit.. I love it. That's like my dream loadout. +1 for the great shots.
yeah we had been walked up on, later on that day, by the other Team
we were sitting, observing activity across a field, we were in a tree grove
and this Scout team walked up behind us from...

we figured they really made us cause of our Packs.
they confirmed it, back at the Camp...
said they wouldnt have seen us had we been proned out, but we wouldnt had been able to
make our OP. so...

we're thinking of getting the TC-backdrape to attach to the Vipers to cover our Packs.
I thought maybe a pack cover, but then if we were to drop our packs, kinda defeats the
purpose, being our backs would now be exposed.
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Yeah, even if you made a small drape on the packs it would be a bit better than nothing. But I still like the loadout. Im not a big fan of viper hoods but this picture obviously shows how they are indeed effective.

Looks like a nice OP. Keep posting pictures like that and ill be happy.

Also, What rifle was he using?
My Spotter has the G&G M14 v4, me G&P SR-25
i think it's the pack that sticks out on the right edge of the photo; and the tip of the sr25's suppressor can be see in the foreground. though not easy to spot without neo there next to you. if it was a wider shot, with more of the area in the picture it'd be a lot harder to spot you.

Here ya go Tango
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Thnx Ghost

but I was wanting the NS-3 smaller, in the upper left corner and in the front...

so when ya get time
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