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Open vs Closed bolt WE M4

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I am thinking of making a purchase of a closed bolt we m4 from a seller to convert into a DMR. I keep hearing mixed review that an open bolt system is better. I need some advice as I am scared to spend alot of money on something that is not worth it. Also I was thinking I could just plop in the open bolt conversion but the rifle comes with so many mags it would be a pain to change each and every one.

- Topa
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Before any upgrades are done to the rifle, both stock, an open bolt rifle will be more accurate. But after you do some mods, as well as some upgrades to the closed bolt, you can get it to be just as accurate. And the closed bolt system is going to be far better on gas than the open bolt is.

The closed bolt system ( the brass tube ) has been around for a long long time, and it is a tried and true system. The open bolt is a newer system, but many people like it. Think of the closed bolt like an AEG, and the open bolt like a Tanaka M700.

If you are going to be crawling around in the muck and gunk, I personally would vote the closed bolt system. As the open bolt leaves the hop up exposed to dirt and other items that you wouldn't want in your system.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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