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Operation Plague 12 - Wisconsin's Biggest Airsoft Event

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Hey Everyone!

I've a long time airsofter in Wisconsin, and have come here to let you know that Operation Plague 12 will be happening on October 28th, 2018!

This is one of Wisconsin's biggest airsoft events, and it is always a blast. Hundreds of people gather from all sorts of states to spend half the day playing a survivor during the apocalypse, and half the day playing a zombie in the apocalypse!

Our group of 11 will be going again this year. Shoot a PM if you want to crash in one of our hotel rooms!

Here's their website with more info:

Here's some pretty intense helmet-cam from last year as well:

This is easily an event where you can bring a friend or relative who isn't into airsoft, and they'll have a fantastic day.

See you guys there!
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I think successful immersion is completely dependent on good actors. Good job!
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