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After the last op.. me and my team got ready for this next one. Its to be called Operation:Silent Angel

it was the be held in this area.

A 1000m Stretch of Jungle site, located 50kms from Manila.

Or team was to be divided into 3 Major Squads. each with a different objective. 2 Heavy Squads and 1 Light Recon Team.

TEAM ALPHA: 6man Assult Squad
MISSION: Locate and find a DEAD individual "WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN". and bring him back to a Given Extraction ZONE
Additional intel will be given onsite.

TEAM BRAVO: 6man Assult Squad/Support Team
MISSION: LOCATE Rebel camp located due east GRIDS Q4 and R4 and Destroy if ALFA will be compromised. Hook Up and assist ALFA if "BUMPED".

TEAM CHARLIE: 4 Light Recon
MISSION: LOCATE a fictional MASS GRAVEYARD. Take Pictures and Assist ALFA if needed.

I was made to Lead Team Charlie. 2 Snipers and 2 Spotters
Additional Intel:
- 2 Major factions, 40 strong per side, have been onsite for more then 12 hours, they are at eachothers necks.. Our band, is the 3rd Faction.
- We will be given 3 - 4 Insertion Points to choose from, we can choose to come in 15 strong at the same time, or divide up to prevent being discovered.

Mission time
- We will be insterted at 900hrs and are given up to 1900hrs to accomplish our mission. The other 2 factions were given up to 24 hours to Completely Eradicate eachother, we.. once again.. were in the middle.


WEAPON: SPR with 2 190rnd mags (approx 300rounds for the WHOLE GAME)... bottle reloads.. are not allowed.

Gunslinger Pack with An extra change of clothes, 6 Liters of H2O, 1 mre, my ghillie, poncho. Comunication Equipment, 1st aid kit, pocket signal flares, binoculars, compass, mission orders, Map.

This may be a bit overkill to you guys.. But due to the so many UNKNOWNS for this OP, we had to get ready incase it would take us longer then expected to accomlish our objectives.
In this op, i would not be wearing a ghillie since our team as to accomplish our objectives the quickest... and we will be doing Designated Markmen duty right after.

All of us had maps, and took the game.. VERY SERIOUSLY.

Yeah, RIGHT.. Light RECON my Tush man... our packs.. WERE NOT LIGHT at all.

TIME: 830hrs
All three teams did Equipment, Radio Checks and map reviews, along with final instructions before mission start.

TIME: 900hrs
All of us were transported to the INSERTION ZONES via DELUXE Utility Contaner VANS.. doing so, according to the organizers, this was an attempt to keep us from memorizing landmarks on our way in. And yes, this we did not expect.

TEAMS Bravo and Charlie were to insert together in grids g8 and H8 respectively AKA: LZ WHISKY and XRAY, TEAM ALPHA, was to insert in GRID A7 AKA: LZ Zulu

While in the VAN, I was given instructions by team bravos TEAM Lead that BRAVO, who insert 50m away from us, will Hook up and combine forces, as to increase our chances of survival in an area we barely had any intellegence on. So as we disembarked, MY Team made a Perimiter... and Waited...
TIME: 915hours

Apparently, BRAVO, the team we were waiting for, had thier map UPSIDE DOWN and to make matters worse, was out of radio contact (We were using VHF Radios.. but the dense jungle prevented sucessful radio contact)... we decided to continue on with our objective and head east... as we did so, we were able we were able to contact team ALPHA, so we took it slow keeping invisible whilst maximizing our remaining mission time.

we reached a clearing, and in order to advance, we would have to expose ourselves in the open.. divided my team into 2 squads. One would advance while the other would provide cover.

I advanced first, upon finding adequate cover, took these snapshots. Then radioed the other guys to do a right hook. to a wooded area in Grid J6. I would proceed when the area is clear.

On my advance to the rendevouz point in j6. I saw this bush patch from afar... It smelled to high hell from 30meters away... i took a picture. It was the unknown Mass Gravesite, our primary objective. (the game orginizers slaughtered a PIG and its innards were left in the ditch, to make the experience of finding the site as real as possible)

I marked its location, radioed in to verify. Team Charlie, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
TIME: 1100hours

We made a perimiter a few meters away from our primary objective, stayed there a bit, rehydrated and rested. The heat was beginning to soar, and we already drank 1.5liters each per man since we started. While resting, we recieved our next orders

Proceed to Grid J4, hook up with TEAM: ALPHA and assist them by providing Sniper Overwatch while they accomplish their objective.

Time to Move out... 1151hours

We took the High Ground to maximize our range, but as we were enroute to J4 we saw Team ALPHA in H5... way way off course. They were looking for thier objective there...
TIME: 1330hours. a few minutes later.. the unthinkable happened.

My 4th Guy, Rocco, Sucummed to Heat FATIGUE. On the spot, ALPHA Made a perimiter around CHARLIE, as we administered firstaid to our fallen. (Games continue even when Firstaid is being given)

My last picture before MEDEVAC by game Martials. We were smiling because Rocco was now ok.. we gave him lots of water, and made sure he could walk. to the SAFE ZONE: a mansion not to far within the GRID H5.
TIME: 1400h

Little did we know, during the time of Roccos medevac, Tangos from BOTH SIDES were converging on the area we were in.. (No more pictures were taken due to the intensity of the firefight)

SHOTS were FIRED, and since we were still recovering our packs.. we in team CHARLIE and some from ALPHA, were caught with our pants down,some removed thier vests and some, thier safety glasses (A big mistake).. although the main body of TEAM ALPHA was covering us, It was not a situation we would want to be in. We werecaught in a crossfire. And we werent even the target.

TEAM Bravo, was still beyond radio contact at this time. As Both our teams tried to regroup And retreat to Grid G4, we were Hit really hard .. but we didnt go down with out a fight. 15 of the otherside went down as one by one ALPHA and CHARLIE numbers dwindled. Mission endtime 1634hrs


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Thanks for sharing your experiment. I found it interesting (sorry if I sound sarcastic). Your SPR is pure porn, though I usually prefer old school bolt action rifles =). The outdoor looks awesome but maybe in your eyes typical and boring wilderness. I'm getting bored to Scandinavian forest's. In the game called Berget 7 I carried all my food for 5 days, and I was stupid enough to buy canned food, not MRE.

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evilfish said:
Thanks for sharing your experiment. I found it interesting (sorry if I sound sarcastic). Your SPR is pure porn, though I usually prefer old school bolt action rifles =). The outdoor looks awesome but maybe in your eyes typical and boring wilderness. I'm getting bored to Scandinavian forest's. In the game called Berget 7 I carried all my food for 5 days, and I was stupid enough to buy canned food, not MRE.
Thanks man:) I too perfer a bolt action rifle. My primary is actually a VSR10.. but given the nature of the GAME on hand and the role i will be playing.. i chose to bring my SPR along for the ride.

Actually, our outdoors is nothing by boring.. the place is TEAMING with LIFE.. lots of it, some nice.. some not. MREs are ok.. but nothing beats FRESH! But for canned food, SPAM is ok.. plus bring some crackers, cheese and a bottle of pickles.. and youre in for a treat:p YUM.. Lets just hope you find some decent time to enjoy that TREAT :)

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Reconsniper said:
That game looks like it was a load of fun. What is your rifle? It looks really good.
Thanks:) its a Standard M16, converted for precision shooting. I changed the Front Assembly, added a scope, changed the pistol grip to a more comfy one.

Although wanted it to be a USMC SAM-R.. but it falls short when it comes to looks... so... i guess if falls into the SPR category;)
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