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Opinions on a ghillie project...

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Hello fellow snipers... Ok, I have a ghillie project I'm about to start and I need some opinions... My idea is different but I think it will work.. I have a full ghillie, top, bottom and head dress and a tactical vest that I want to combine.. My concept is to remove the frontal areas of the top and bottom, combine them, and integrate the vest into the top piece.. By integrate Im thinking of using velcro on the backside of the vest so the upper and lower can be removed.. I like a full ghillie but its too much for me and I want to be versatile because I always carry an M4 as my side arm.. Your thoughts please..
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I would recommend a modified stalker suit for use with a chest rig, it works great for me. I would recommend tying the material down instead of using velcro. you dont want to get snagged and have your ghillie come off.

I would caution though against it. I have often though of integrating ghillie with gear but I always come back to wanting to be able to ditch my ghillie if need be without losing my gear. I have several times been in a great position to over take a position from behind but move fast with a ghillie is usually not doable so I have taken my ghillie off gone pistol only and elimated 3 to 4 people and took the position.
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