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Opinions on the CA SL9 (CA8-2)

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So I have a chance to pick up a CA SL9 (with the 3x rail optic as opposed to the RIS on top) already internally upgraded to 500fps for a killer deal. I currently used a modified G36c with a 509 as my DMR, but I kind of want to make it short again for a field gun, and the plus side to doing this is that I already have the kit (plus its a sick looking gun).

The only thing is that I haven't heard much about the CA model. Everyone raves about the STAR SL9, but everyone stopped making SL9s a few years ago due to the HK lawsuit and such.

So does anyone have any experience with this gun or even CA (v3) AEGs in general? Good or bad? I have only played with CA internal upgrade parts and have since vowed never to get CA parts again... but this might just bee too good of a deal to pass up.

Edit: If I get this I'll have 3 v3 gear boxes laying around, so I'm thinking about modding one for my own HPA build, would the body build quality stand up to this kind of force in the internals? I'd be making it with a somewhat realistic kick...
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Yes, VFC or WE did it but a polymer body and GBB is still gonna be tough. If the body is not impact rated you may just end up wasting a perfectly good shell. Spudfiles has some great resources on pneumatic and solenoid based BB and potatoes guns. They are pretty helpful and might be a good place to check out.
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