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Opinions on this gun?

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right, ive been all over the place....
ive got a LIMITED budget, what with 2 psycho cats, bills, etc.

im looking for a decent gun, as i AM a newbie to the airsoft sniping thing.
but ive found this SEXY thing.

so.... yeah.... opinions?
thank ya kindly!

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Sorry, I'm a Maruzen/Tanaka fan. No interest in the new clones.

I know quite a few people using them, but they usually find out they hate being a sniper.

Most people want to snipe, because it looks cool and all that jazz, but they don't realize it's harder to be an effective sniper, and they end up suffering for it.

Just think about it for a while before making the final choice.

Also, be forewarned most stock sniper rifles wont hold up over the long haul without upgrades, and many of the clones need more than a straight foreward part swap to be upgraded as well as the cost involved.

For instance. my stock Maruzen APS2-SV cost 265 when I bought it. I have since dumped over 800 more into to get it to where it is now, with upgraded trigger components, sears, and other parts to make it hold up to the massive spring and cylinder setup it has as most stock guns can't handle just a straight spring swap without upgrading the parts that control it too.
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thanks for the reply.
im not really planning on being a full on gamer, mainly a weekend thing.
its just ive looked around a bit and i saw good reviews of this.

kinda reminds me of my ex girlfriend- cheap'n'sexy =D

ive played a few games as sniper before.
now- im NOT a great shot, but ive got the patience and determination.
(i guess being able to sit in dirty, wet, or otherwise uncomfortable settings comes from growing up in this rainy shithole- Scotland)

i checked out that Maruzen APS2-SV... niiiiiiice!
but.... unfortunately i aint rich.
i was interested in the TM VSR-10. but the same problem. lack-of-cash.... =[
basically i just want a cheap/decent gun so i can see if the sniping position really is for me.

but as i said, thanks for the feedback.
ill take your advice and think about it though.
time isnt running out for me, so its all good bro!


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Sega.. I'm not sure if you have read our rules, but please make sure that you use the Shift key to capitalize proper words as well as refrain from using such phrases like "Lmao" and other AIM driven methods of speech.

I'm not going to look at every post you've made and count how many spelling errors or grammatical mistakes you've made, but let's just try and clean it up a bit, alright?

Welcome to the forums! I looked at a gun similar to the one you are looking at when I first came to the forums. After talking around a bit, I learned of the JG BAR-10. It is a clone of the VSR-10, so if you liked that you will love this because of the price. It is VSR compatible, which means that all VSR-10 parts will fit in it. Look into if, and tell us if you are interested, many of us have that gun and it is very nice.
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