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Opinions Please

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So I'm considering converting to a sniper. But I have questions. Surprise, surprise.

I've searched the forums and found some info on my issue but since I mostly want to ask about guns and there were some "events" recently I figured it was okay to ask this. If I'm wrong, or if this is in the wrong section, please tell me. (Since this is about a l lot of different guns I didn't think it could go in any of the gun-specific sections)

I've posted about getting a DMR or re-upgrading my L85 but I still like the idea of a full-on Airsoft Sniper with a Bolt-Action. Here's my dilemma:

I want to get into airsoft sniping but I have little-to-no experience inside an airsoft gun, spring or AEG.

Also, because I'm a "boot" I'm afraid that if I get a nice rifle (CA M24, etc) that I'll find that I'm either not good at sniping or that where I play doesn't allow it work that well that I'll be stuck with a really nice rifle that I can't use that well. But on the other side if I get a less-great rifle (UTG L96, etc) and I end up loving sniping and am really good at it that I'll be stuck with a not so great rifle plus I hate clones with a passion. Actually, I despise them.

So I tried to find a middle to these problems. And I think I found one, the JG Bar-10 (A clone, but a decent clone from what I found). Only one issue... China has shut down its airsoft export to my understanding an the JG Bar-10 is hard to find.

So I looked at the UTG L96 and found that its hard to upgrade and not a great stock rifle. Decent at best from what I found.

Then I looked at the CA M24. I liked it except that I got the impression that if don't know what you're doing inside an airsoft gun that the CA M24 will become a massive pain in the a**.

What are you opinions/thoughts on my dilemma? Any suggestions for other guns?

(Hope I didn't break any rules posting this)
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Clones are great. There is nothing wrong with them. That is what I use for my rifles, being as you will always upgrade them and what not.

Go with the MK96 they are a great rifle. They really aren't that bad out of the box. With a few upgrades they are awesome. Just upgrade the parts when they wear down.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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