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Opinions Please

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So I'm considering converting to a sniper. But I have questions. Surprise, surprise.

I've searched the forums and found some info on my issue but since I mostly want to ask about guns and there were some "events" recently I figured it was okay to ask this. If I'm wrong, or if this is in the wrong section, please tell me. (Since this is about a l lot of different guns I didn't think it could go in any of the gun-specific sections)

I've posted about getting a DMR or re-upgrading my L85 but I still like the idea of a full-on Airsoft Sniper with a Bolt-Action. Here's my dilemma:

I want to get into airsoft sniping but I have little-to-no experience inside an airsoft gun, spring or AEG.

Also, because I'm a "boot" I'm afraid that if I get a nice rifle (CA M24, etc) that I'll find that I'm either not good at sniping or that where I play doesn't allow it work that well that I'll be stuck with a really nice rifle that I can't use that well. But on the other side if I get a less-great rifle (UTG L96, etc) and I end up loving sniping and am really good at it that I'll be stuck with a not so great rifle plus I hate clones with a passion. Actually, I despise them.

So I tried to find a middle to these problems. And I think I found one, the JG Bar-10 (A clone, but a decent clone from what I found). Only one issue... China has shut down its airsoft export to my understanding an the JG Bar-10 is hard to find.

So I looked at the UTG L96 and found that its hard to upgrade and not a great stock rifle. Decent at best from what I found.

Then I looked at the CA M24. I liked it except that I got the impression that if don't know what you're doing inside an airsoft gun that the CA M24 will become a massive pain in the a**.

What are you opinions/thoughts on my dilemma? Any suggestions for other guns?

(Hope I didn't break any rules posting this)
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Ok. Could I just get one of the Guarder Flahs Hiders that AirsoftAtlanta has? Would that cover it?

Or would this one work really well because its 500mm?
Well, I do not normally take reviews from customers under consideration because most people do not know what they are talking about. But, the guy said that this barrel is designed for the m14 hop up only. I think I remember on some site, that in the description, it was stated that the particular barrel shown is only for the m14. I am not totally positive, but just wanted to let you know. If anyone has used this barrel, hopefully they will fill us in :)

I personally would go with the flash hider idea. It will make your rifle look nice as well as cover up the barrel. Or you could just let that little bit hang out the end, but I say go flash hider if you can not cut it off. Luckily, I had a friend who was good with that kind of stuff. :)
I'll probably just try and get the flash hider because I just found out that I will make (hopefully) about $300 for airsoft alone this summer. That should cover the UTG Package (Scope, 2 mags, crappy bipod), TBB, Hop-up, and Flash Hider.
Do not forget to add a bucking to the list. Its cheap, but important.
Yeah. How hard is it to install a bucking/hop-up/TBB?
Well, once the small o rings that need to be installed inside the pdi hop up chamber, the rest is easy. The bucking slides right on. However, the first time I put one together I went out to test fire and had no hop on the bbs no matter how I adjusted the screws. But that is only because I forgot to install the small o rings :( Silly me.

But here is an assembly guide from this site written by Livonia:
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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