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In the United States, the orange tip is required at the federal level only for shipping and sales. Outside of that, you need to refer to your state's laws for the legality of removing it. For example, California has ruled that you are not allowed to remove or alter the orange tip that is required by the federal law. But because the federal law is so vague and only refers to shipping and sales, some may argue that this still only applies to sales and shipping. I'm not advocating the removal of the orange tip, but I'm just pointing out that the laws on this sort of thing are not clear on it.

Personally, I'm in Cali and have removed my orange tip. I still have it around and leave it on during transport to the field just in case I get pulled over or something. In my opinion, if you're a responsible airsofter who doesn't brandish your weapon in public and you play at sanctioned fields only for the purpose of playing the game and mil-sim, then you should be responsible enough to handle the gun like it is a real steal weapon.

Basically, be responsible and you shouldn't have to worry about it, the orange tip is for shipping purposes and to try to protect the less responsible people from hurting themselves.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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