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Before I start, remember that the removal of the orange tip is AT YOUR OWN RISK! Most likely, removing your orange tip WILL void your warranty. It is best advised to undergo this process AFTER your warranty has expired. That being said, let's begin!

1. Supplies

Here I have my barrel, my super-duper-awesome-oneofakind gerber(AKA pliers), and a cup (what ever can hold hot water will be suitable).

2. Obtain boiling water.

Okay, so my water dispenser thing is a little bit dirty, but it's fine. I don't think this step should be too much of a hassle because I didn't find it hard to dispense water into a cup.

3. Place tip in water.

Alright, so now all you need to do is have the tip submerged into water. You don't have a large amount of lenience so try your best to keep the only the tip submerged. I would say only a few cm above the orange tip is okay.

4. Grab your pliers.

Orange tips comes in all types of forms, luckily mine is went over the barrel. Some tips are screwed on, if that is the case, take the pliers and turn COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. If you cannot comprehend on what direction that is then look at your clock. Do you see the minute hand, yeah, move opposite of that direction.

5. Bam! Finished!

Here is the end of my barrel, some of the paint is chipped off but it doesn't matter to me. I will soon take a spray paint job on it. :)

Here is my rifle as a whole. I know, AGM L96 isn't the BEST. It has the weirdest internals, but hey, it was only 80 dollars. That sling isn't going to last so when I get the patience I'll try to make a paracord one.
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