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I was under the impression that it is just while transporting (?) Once you, a private citizen, own it, you can do whatever you want...
I had a buddy who is going to school to be a lawyer read the law, and he said it wasn't very clear, but he said he would interpret it like this.

I see people saying that online allot, but no proof. I am just going by what law enforcement is doing here.

I get the impression that they leave you alone unless you are already doing something else wrong.
I would go with this seeing as how it's much easier to just go with what they are saying than to have it confiscated and have to go to court over it. Also, Master, putting tape over the tip to hide the orange is considered altering. Its a temporary alteration (tape can be removed), but you are altering the orange tip so that it is not visible. So, if you local law enforcement is confiscating guns with no orange tip, I wouldn't put tape over it. Just my two cents.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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