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Orange Tip

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A lot of my friends have been painting their orange tip black so they look more realistic. Obviously, you should NEVER do this. My question is if it's okay to put a bit of masking tape or something over the tip so you are better concealed. You can have the best ghillie in the world but that blaze orange is going to give you away if someone sees it.
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The only thing you need your orange tip for is transporting or shipping it. Otherwise the orange tip isnt needed. I always paint mine and I have a custom orange barrel condom for when I drive to a game. But I also know that as long as the rifle is inside a gun case cops dont care. Its MOSTLY just for sales/shipping. I used to be in airsoft sales and that how the lawyer explained it to me. I have had a hundred guns and maybe a quarter of em had orange tips,lol.. I have had cops pull me over and see them and not bother me at all cause they were in cases. But I am also well over age..
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